Fin Pets Finances

Fin Pets Finances

It’s amazing how much LOVE and LAUGHTER
Our Pets bring into OUR LIVES and
even how much CLOSER we become
with EACH OTHER because of Them.

John Grogan
Author of Marley & Me: Life and Love


Fin Pets Finances

Having a Pet or two in your home and caring for them as one of your family members is rewarding, providing you with unconditional love and companionship, but they can be expensive.

According to the 2017-18 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pets Products Association (APPA), more than 2/3 of American households (85 million families) have one or more pets and spend over 50 billion dollars per year on our pets.


Surgical vet$474$245
Routine vet257182
Food treats7256
Kennel boarding322164
Groomer/grooming aids8430

This Survey on Consumer Pet Spending reports an rounded dollar amount based on their recollection of their spending for the prior year.

This list is not inclusive of all items possibly purchased, as some items fall into “other” expenses and are not reported here. APPA does not ask survey participants how much in total they spend on their dog or cats annually.

Source: American Pet Products Association’s 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey

Financing Your Pet’s Health

Pet Insurance Statistics

Only 1% to 2% of the US and Canada pet dogs and cats are insured was reported by the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) 2017.

Planning for your Pet’s care (quality pet food) and medical bills, routine preventative check-ups and any unexpected illnesses is important. In this way you do not put a strain on your budget.

Tips for Saving in Pet Care

  • Nearly half of Fortune 500 Companies offer Pet Insurance as an Employee Benefit to attract talent. Millennials who come into the workforce today have different circumstances and expectations from their employers .
  • Annual Preventative Wellness visits allow Veterinarians to identify problems before they become severe. When diseases or conditions are discovered early, treatment is usually less expensive and veterinarians have a greater chance of saving pets’ lives.

Three Primary Types of Coverage

  • Comprehensive for Accidents and Illnesses
  • Accidents Only
  • Preventative Wellness Coverage

Pet Insurance costs are evaluated with considerations to your pet’s pre-existing conditions, age of pet (older pet more expensive) and type of breed (may have hereditary conditions).

Fin Pets, Fin Pets Finances

Preventative Wellness Care Benefits can be offered by Pet Insurance Companies. Also, some Veterinary Hospitals offer their own Wellness Packages, even free Office Visits and discounts on certain Procedures and Pet Products.

Keep in mind that Pet Insurances as in Car Insurances are good for when things go wrong, not for wellness.

Best Pet Insurance Companies 

Fin Pets FinancesFin Pets FinancesThey offer coverage for Cats and Dogs 8+ weeks It covers for unexpected new illnesses and accidents, x-rays, blood test, hospital, surgeries, prescription medications. No incident or annual limits on coverage and you can be reimbursed up to 70-90% of vet bill within 10 days. The insurance may pay vet directly. Referral credit program offered.

Fin Pets Finances

There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions, preventive or wellness plans, routine exams, dental.

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Fin Pets Finances

Fin Pets Finances

They offer coverage for Dogs 6 weeks+ and Cats or Kittens. The insurance coverage includes for accident and illness. They offer optional prevention or wellness rewards. They offer pre-existing conditions evaluation. Coverage includes up to 90% reimbursed within 15days of claim. They have 24/7 pet health line. They are also teamed with USAA Bank and offer for military members 5% discount.

Fin Pets Finances

There is no coverage for injury from fighting, cruelty or neglect, and routine exams. Accidental only coverage is available for pets age 15 years+. They require 12 months vet medical records or physical exam within 14 days of policy and rescue shelter medical history.

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Fin Pets Finances

Fin Pets FinancesThey offer coverage are for Dogs, Cats and Exotic Pets.  Plans are available for illness, injury and wellness, chronic ongoing disease (allergies), dental, hospitalizations surgeries, prescription meds and a vet helpline. Like other plans such as ASPCA, Petplan and Pets Best, Nationwide does not have any upper limits on accidents and illness plans.  The insurance will reimburse up to 90% within 30 days of submitted claims. You can submit claims through vitus vet app available. The insurance had been  previously known as Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI).

Fin Pets Finances

There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions, dietary and nutritional supplements, holistic care or grooming.

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Fin Pets Finances

The Insurance is issued by Crum & Foster Pet Insurance Group, which is one of the oldest pet insurers.

Fin Pets Finances

They offer coverage for Dogs and Cats. They offer 3 plans – Accident only, Accident and Illness only, Complete Coverage. Also they offer optional preventative wellness coverage -basic and prime. Accident Only Coverage is for when your pet gets hurt without worry of cost, which includes broken bones, -rays, MRI blood test, medications, hospitalization and surgery.  The Complete Coverage Plan includes exams for diagnosing health conditions and treatment of major and minor illnesses, hereditary and congenital conditions as well as alternative therapies to recover from injury and behavior illnesses, as well as for  hospitalizations and surgeries, x-rays, limited dental-extractions, prescription medication and supplements, and microchip. Like other plans such as Pets Best, Petplan and Nationwide, ASPCA does not have any upper limits on accidents and illness plans.They reimbursed up to 70-90%  within 14 days of submitted claim.

Fin Pets Finances

There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions that occurred before and up to waiting period of enrollment or effective date of policy There is also no coverage for injury from cruelty or neglect, cosmetic procedures and breeding costs. My Pet Insurance App available to manage your account.

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Fin Pets Finances

Fin Pets Finances

The Insurance has coverage for all Dogs and Cats 6 wks +. They cover for exam fees, dental and new conditions for all breeds, as well as holistic therapy. You can get reimbursed for claims within 14 days of submitting. There is no enrollment fee. Like other plans such as ASPCA, Pets Best and Nationwide, Petplan does not have any upper limits on accidents and illness plans. They offer 24/ 7 Customer service. APP available

Fin Pets Finances

There is no coverage for routine, preventative visits, pre-existing conditions or elective procedures.

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Fin Pets Finances

Fin Pets FinancesThis Insurance offer a cost-conscious 2K plan. They recommend 5K plan and also offer additional 10 K plans. The plans covers for exams, xrays, holistic therapies, emergency and hospital surgeries. They reimbursed claims within 14 days of submitting file claim online where you are able to check the status of claim.

Fin Pets FinancesThere is no coverage for pre-existing conditions, elective procedures, special diet, grooming, teeth cleaning, or routine wellness.

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Fin Pets Finances

Rated for Best Pet Insurance by 2017, 2018, 2019

Rated Best in Pet Technology in 2020

Fin Pets Finances

They cover for Cats and Dogs 8 weeks+. There is optional coverage for routine exams. They have coverage for new accident, injury or illness They offer coverage for surgery, specialists, x-rays and imaging. They offer Pet Cloud so that you can connect to chat, find pet friendly places around you. They offer live vet, as well as 24/7 support, notification reminders. APP Available.

Fin Pets FinancesThere is no coverage for pre-existing conditions, routine vet visits and wellness.

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Fin Pets Finances

Fin Pets FinancesThey offer coverage for Dogs and Cats. They offer flexible plans that can include routine care and exam coverage, as well as Accidental only plans, wellness plans and the Standard plan. There is no annual or lifetime limits. They offer optional vet direct pay. They have  24/7 Pet Hotline available. Like other plans such as ASPCA, Petplan and Nationwide, Pets Best Pet Health Insurance does not have any upper limits on accidents and illness plans.

Fin Pets FinancesThere is no coverage for pre-existing conditions.

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Fin Pets Finances

Fin Pets FinancesThe Insurance offers lifelong coverage from birth, coverage for the unexpected surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications and hospital stays for sick or injured You can get up to 90% reimbursed. They offer vet and hospital direct pay, as well as condition-based lifetime deductible. They have 24/7 insurance helpline for questions.

Fin Pets Finances

They offer no coverage for pre-existing conditions, routine exam fees or wellness treatments.

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Disclaimer: We aim to be as up to date as possible, however the information provided may differ from the Pet Insurance Websites.

Pet Health Credit Card

A Pet Health Credit Card is an important go-to card to finance any unexpected needs or emergency procedures for your pet. Some medical credit cards designed for human health care may also be used to pay for your pet health care as well. Before applying, pet owners should first check with their vet office or vet clinic to see if these credit cards will be accepted.

Fin Pets Finances

Popular accepted by 200,000 providers across US

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Depending on your creditworthiness offers introductory periods 6,12,18,24 months no interest for purchases $200-$999. New accounts after promotional period APR 26.99%

Expenses >$1000 qualify 24,36,48 months reduced APR 14.90% and Expenses >$2500 qualify for 60 months APR 16.90% * Promotional periods of fixed monthly payments with reduced APR are subject to change and/or no longer available.

Useful Websites and Blogs for Pet Owners

For more information regarding Pet Care, Pet Insurances and Pet Products

Fin Pets Finances

Fin Pets (Dr. Doug Kenney- Vet)

Fin Pets (APPA) (American Pet Association)

Ideas for Your Pet to Boost Your Income

Fin Pets Finances

  1. Your Pet can be a Star on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Popularity on Social Media opens doors!
  2. Set up a Website to sell stuffed animal versions of your most cherished pet, while offering more information
  3. Anything is Possible! Sponsorships and Job Opportunities such as commercials and even movies for your talented pet.
  4. Reach Out to other on Social Media. Marketing ideas can come from connecting and commenting on friends and their pets, pet local community shelters on other platforms and on similar pets’ accounts. In turn, they may be interested in following you and sharing your content as well which increases your views – You’re Trending!
  5. Pet Photography and Artist. Build up your portfolio of pictures of friends’ pets and then start offering your services to your local community shelters and pet shops. For Pet Photography Tips, read from an article by Antoine Khater.
Fin Pets Finances
Fin Pets Finances
Fin Pets Finances

World’s Richest Pet List

Millionaire Pets? Some of these pets have inherited their fortunes from their owners, while others became self-made millionaires from their fame.

The Ten Richest Pets in the World 2020


Pet NameWorth $USDInheritance(I) / Earn(E)Owner
Gunther IV (Dog)$375MICountess Karlotta Lieberstein (died in 1992)
Grumpy Cat (Cat)$100MEUSA Tabitha Bundesen (Grumpy Cat died May 2019)
Olivia Bensen (Cat)$97MEUSA Taylor Swift
Toby Rimes (Dog)$92MIUSA Ella Wendel (Descendent line of dogs from 1931)
Kalu (Chimpanzee)$80MIUK Pat Cavendish O’Neill (died in 2019, from bad investments lost all inheritance in 2010)
Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla and Luke (Dogs)$30MIUSA Oprah Winfrey
Blackie (Cat)$25MIUK Ben Rea (died in 1988)
Gigoo (Hen)$15MIUK Miles and Briony Blackwell (both died in 2001)
Tommassino (Cat)$13MIItaly Maria Assunta (died in 2011)
Conchita, Lucia and April Marie (Dogs)$11.3MIUSA Gail Posner (died in 2010)
Fin Pets Finances
Fin Pets Finances
Fin Pets Finances

Traveling with Your Pet or Maybe Not

Going on Vacation with your Pet?!

By Car

  • Shorter Distance Road Trips is a good idea to see how your pet reacts when traveling and to know what to expect when you take a longer adventure ride.
  • Safety restraints (such as a pet seat belt, crate, pet car seat) to reduce risk to injury and less distraction for the driver.

  • Your pet’s body to be kept inside the car while driving to prevent exposure to air-borne infections or ear damage.

  • Frequent Breaks for exercise and the bathroom, at least every 2-3 hours.

  • Fluid Intake is recommended to keep your pet hydrated especially during warm summer months.

  • Supervision of your pet at all times is advised. This means it is not a good idea to leave your pet alone in the car, even with the window cracked open.

By Plane

  • Pet Collar with Identification along with your contact information

  • Consult with your Vet prior to your trip and keep the Pet Vaccination Record updated and with your traveling papers

  • Exercise prior to flight for better rest during the flight

  • Relax your pet with a familiar toy, Thundershirt or lavender scented oil a few weeks prior to traveling on your hands at feeding time and before walks. In this way, your dog can associate the scent with being calm.

  • Consider Pets-Only Airlines and Purchase the appropriate dimensions of the kennel/ crate carrier with room for your pet to move around as well as stand up.

Fin Pets Finances
Fin Pets Finances

Going on Vacation but not with your Pet?!

Fin Pets Finances

Fin Pets Finances

Petsitters International is a trusted name in professional pet sitting. You can become a PSI member and search their locator to find a member in the US and abroad to help you walk your dog. Also, Since you have to walk your dog anyway, helping out in your local community a neighbor who has little time, can put a little extra cash in your wallet. Visit website

Pet Events

In 2020, Global Pet Expo took place on FEBRUARY 26-28 in Orlando, Florida. Global Pet Expo (latest products) is open to independent retailers, distributors, mass-market buyers, and other qualified professionals. This show is not open to the general public.

Fin Pets Finances

Trending Pet Products

New Products Winners Announced at Global Pet Expo 2020

February 26-28, 2020 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida

New Products Winners Announced at Global Pet Expo 2019

March 20-22, 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida

Pet Trusts and Legal Considerations for  Your Pet’s Future Care

Fin Pets Finances

Legal Trusts for your Pet can provide appropriate care in the event of your death, any illness or if you become incapacitated.

You determine when the Trust becomes effective.

The money you set aside will be safeguarded by the Trustee,  you named to care for your pet as you directed.

Considerations when setting up the Trust include:

  1. When determining how much money to set aside, an estimation of food costs, grooming and vet care can be discussed with your Veterinarian.
  2. It is Not Recommended to Name the Pet in the Trust, but rather to have the Trust is applicable to all pets you may own. In this way, you prevent executing a new trust each time you get a new pet.
  3. Duration of Trust should be life of your last pet and/or 21 years whichever comes first.
  4. “Remainderman” is a provision that states who will get the remaining money in the trust after the death of your pet. It is a good idea to choose a different person than the named trustee to reduce risk of pet premature death if your trustee abdicates his responsibility.
  5. Inquire about the Terrorem Clause which is a clause added to minimize dangers of a beneficiary challenging the Trust due to excessiveness will receive nothing under the will.
  6. In a Trust, the Court can simply appoint another to act as Trustee if the first named trustee declined.
  7. Fund the Trust by establishing an “in-trust-for” bank account or an insurance policy because you can control the amount to set aside and the money will be available immediately upon your death, unlike in a will, waiting during probate period prior to making available these funds to care for your pet, which can be many months or longer.

Preparing a Will to Include Your Pet

In a Will, you can appoint someone to care for your pet or leave it upon the Executers of your will.

  1. In a Will, you cannot leave the money directly to your pet. You can just request that the Caregiver will use the money as you designated.
  2. Also, there will be no consequences if they do not use the money for your beloved pet.
  3. You can make a conditional bequest to a person to use the money to care for your pet in which the executor has the duty to check on the care of your pet.

Donations and Volunteering for Animals in Need

American Pet Association Society for the Protection of Companion Animals is a Proactive Animal Welfare, Non-Profit Organization.

The APA SPCA offers:

  • Emergency Assistance Programs for pet owners with a financial difficulties and pet emergencies
  • Offers services for providing well-trained foster care homes for pets awaiting their permanent forever home
  • Temporary homes for pets, when their owners are in a crisis.
  • For more information, visit their website 
Fin Pets Finances
Fin Pets Finances