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fin influencers, Fin Influencers

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Favorite Fin Influencers on Social Media

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Financial Influencers on YouTube

We have been watching these YouTubers for a couple of years and we can recommend them for there good analysis and opinions of the stock and crypto markets as well as talk about trends in future business innovation and  financial news so that we can become informed, knowledgeable investors.


Financial Podcasts we enjoy listening to and would like share with you for a Step up in Investing during the Revolutionary Waves of the Retail Investors and Innovative Disruptive Technology.

Retail Investing Revolution with Robinhood Financial LLC

Navigating Wall Street Investing with Jim Cramer

15 Minute Top Business Stories by Robinhood Financial LLC

Top Business News Headlines by Investment Analysts

Passive Income by Dividend Investing and Business News

Investing in Disruptive Technology and Tesla News

Wealth with Real Estate Investing and Entrepreneurship

Money Making from Side Hustles

Finance Advice On Pinterest

Fin Influencers

Smart Money Mamas

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Fin Influencers

Mom Managing Chaos

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Fin Influencers

The Frugal Fellow

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fin influencers, Fin Influencers

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