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Fin Business

The myth of multitasking is that it will make you more effective. However, multitasking requires your brain to switch your focus back and forth very quickly. Each time you interrupt one task to do another task the brain switching causes a disruption in quality of performance in task and a mental price taking time to re-focus your attention.  In reality, remarkable focus of one thing at a time, is what makes the positive difference in productivity. (Image inspired by Jessica Hagy.)

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Focusing is the Key to Productivity in the Present Moment.

Fin Business

  1. AWARENESS – Be in the Moment and Spend some time in your daily routine and take some notes.
  2. CREATE a vision board, a mission statement of what you want to achieve.
  3. MANAGE your time, minimize distractions and Focus on your Goals- decreasing time on routine decisions which puts less tasks for your brain
  4. CONCENTRATE – Practice Mindfulness by Reading your goal daily. In this way you can refocus and energize yourself towards your goal.
  5. REWARD your milestones achieved for each accomplished small step you take toward your goal.
  6. VISUALIZE the end results – helps you to stay motivated to continue the course.
  7. POSITIVITY – Be in the company of like minded people that are successful, inspires you to continue forward.

World Expert in speed-reading, memory improvement and optimal brain performance, Jim Kwik believes that it is important to eliminate automatic negative thoughts (ANTs). By talking back to ANTs inner thoughts with positive thoughts that you can, over time the barrier will be lowered and even disappeared so that you are able to expand your mind and begin to learn and make things possible that were not before (POWER OF SELF MOTIVATION) .

Advise for Optimal brain performance – improving brain function and memory for the long term

  1. Brain Health foods to maintain healthy blood flow around the grey matter in your brain
    • Organic Eggs (Improve memory choline, omega-3, Vitamin E)
    • Avocados (Healthy blood flow, monounsaturated fats)
    • Broccoli (fiber, Vitamin K to enhance cognitive function and brain power)
    • Green Leafy Vegetables – Spinach, kale, collard greens (Vitamin E and folate)
    • Blueberries (reduce oxidative stress and brain aging)
    • Wild Salmon, sardines, caviar – (Omega-3 and DHA)
    • Turmeric (reduces inflammation and boost antioxidant levels, immune and brain oxygen intake, Alertness and able to process information better)
    • Walnuts ( Magnesium to improve mood, antioxidants, Zinc, Vitamin E to protect neurons, reduce brain-aging)
    • Dark Chocolate (improves focus, concentration and mood, stimulates endorphins)
    • Coconut Oil (medium fatty acid chain for body’s fat-burning)
  2. Hydration – drink  Water to reduce brain fog and slower reaction times.
  3. Exercise your brain with Daily reading – Life long learning – schedule at least 10 minutes per day, setting aside any distractions, because LEADERS ARE READERS.

Brain Coach Jim Kwik 

Books for Fin Business Mindset

Real Estate Investing / REITs

Ways to invest in Real Estate include:

  • REITs stocks
  • REIT ETFs and Mutual Funds
  • Traditional Real Estate investment – Home owner/ Rental Property Owner
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

Real Estate Exchange Traded Funds are versatile way to invest in that they are traded as stocks, provide monthly or quarterly dividend and gives a broad exposure to real estate domestically and/or globally with a small fee (expense ratio).

Real Estate Crowdfunding:

  • Investors interested in Real Estate ventures pool their money to fund a project, a product or a company in hopes for a future profit.
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding is an investment that can pay dividends (quarterly or monthly) and can produce long-term growth of capital.
  • Minimum to invest in real estate crowdfunding can be as low as $500 or $1,000 for access to privately held assets and Crowdfunded REITs.
  • Commitment for your money to be tied up can be 5 – 10 years or more, but annual returns can be as high as 15% or more.
  • Crowdfunded real estate platforms are not required to register with the SEC. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) 2012 loosened rules for business fundraising. Regulation D dictates how real estate fundraising can be used and who can take part. Regulation A+ opens the private market for smaller investors but limits the pooled investments to $50M.

Types of Investments in Real Estate Crowdfunding:

  • Debt- earn interest on loans
  • Preferred Equity – investors get paid after debt investors, similar to stocks.
  • Common Equity – investors get paid last, after preferred equity investors, which means more risk for the investors if project fails.
  • Mix of Debt and Equity

Disadvantages to consider when investing in Real Estate Crowdfunding:

    • Fees could be high depending on the platform you choose 1%, 2.5% or higher of your managed assets
    • Longer to convert to cash than most stocks and publicly traded REITs – Illiquidity due to the 5-10 year commitment
    • Delayed dividends
    • Reduced tax breaks – Multiple State taxes owed – Taxed at different rates – Expected to pay taxes on dividends even if reinvested. The forms will be sent by the Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms of what is owed in dividends, qualified dividends and return of capital.
    • New Platforms which means they have not really experienced US and Global economic contractions, stock market bear market or recessions
    • Limits apply to non-accredited investors on how much can be invested in Real estate crowdfunding platforms –
      • Earned income less than $100K per year or Net worth below $100K, investments are limited to $2,000
      • Earned income more than $100K per year and exceeds $100K you can invest up to 10% of your income or net worth up to a total limit $100K

Real Estate Crowdfunding can be advantageous over Traditional Real Estate Investments as a Passive Income Stream:

  • Diversifies your portfolio, while aiming for higher yields and possibly even higher returns than the Publicly Traded REITs.
  • Traditionally the Purchase of Real Estate has been inaccessible to non-professionals due to high costs and sizeable down payments, loan approval challenges. So Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms have opened up a new, easy to use online platform with lower amount of initial capital needed to  invest.
  • There are no Landlords / Rental issues to deal with as when you own traditional real estate. Property upkeep and maintenance is handled by the platform itself.
  • Some Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms offers 90-day satisfaction guarantee so you an access your money during this time.
  • You have an opportunity to invest in different properties around the world and diversify your portfolio with other main global currencies
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms do the research for you and provide information online so that investors can make informed decisions with advice from the platform
  • Always remember is not advisable to invest heavily in one asset no matter how exciting or hot an investment, it may seem now. A balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds has proven to give positive long term gains.

REIT Stocks Watch list 


 REIT ETFs Watch list 

Top Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

Updated April 22, 2020

Fin BusinessFundrise

  • Founded 2010, First online investment offering in 2012
  • Investments in Real Estate Projects (about $2B): USA
  • Minimum to invest $500 (not need to be an accredited investor)
  • Introductory period 90-days to redeem shares full, initial purchase price
  • Length of waiting period to redeem shares without penalty fees 5 years
  • Advisory Fees 0.15% annually ($1.50 fee per $1,000 invested)

Fin Business

Realty Mogul

  • Founded 2012, Investments began in 2013
  • Investments in Real Estate Projects  ($2+B): Commercial and Residential Multi-family in USA
  • Non-accredited invest in Mogul REIT I / II: Minimum to invest $5K, additional $1000 
  • Accredited investors have ALL access
    • Individual property investments Minimum to invest $15K – $50K for 3-7 years
    • 1031 Exchanges Investment amount $25K – $50M
  • Hold period varies among different properties
    • Length of period 6 months and 10 years
    • Lock-up period for  Mogul REIT I/ II:  12 months
  • Fees Depend on type of investment, transaction, administrative and legal fees
    • Mogul REIT I: Asset Management Fee  1% annually
    • Mogul REIT II: Asset Management Fee 1.25% annually
    • Mogul REIT II: Disposition Fee up to 2.0% of contract sales price for each property sold
    • Mogul REIT I and II: Sell shares up to 3% of equity contribution

Fin Business


  • Founded 2014, First online investment offering to Non-accredited Investors in 2017
  • Investments in Real Estate Projects (about $2B): Commercial  and Residential Real Estate in USA
  • Minimum to invest $10,000
  • CrowdStreet accepts international investors
  • Evaluation period 3-days (new offering added to Marketplace and live sponsor-led webinar) to give you time to review the offering’s details and indicate your interest for investing in the property. Once your offer has been pre-approved, you have 5-days to complete action items in CrowdStreet Transaction Center. Direct-to-investor model – investors are able to invest directly with sponsor.
  • Average hold period 2.1 yrs
  • No fees for joining CrowdStreet
  • If considering 1031 exchange, CrowdStreet rarely list investment offerings that are able to accept 1031 funds.
  • Length of holding period to redeem shares without penalty fees varies from few months to several years
  • Non-accredited investors at this time cannot invest on Crowdstreet, hopefully in the coming months (04/17/2020)

Fin Business

Patch of Land

  • Established 2012
  • Investments in Real Estate Projects: USA (except Arizona, Nevada, Utah, South Dakota, Idaho, and Minnesota)
  • Peer Real Estate Lending Marketplace- Patch of Land loan corresponds to a single project loan not a pool of loans like REIT investment vehicles which include properties and mortgage notes
  • Accredited Investors only
  • When you invest in offering, you invest in BPDN – a promissory note in which investor receives interest rate for specified term as well as return of full principal upon borrower’s full payment of the underlying loan or at the end of the loan term, whichever is sooner.
  • Minimum to invest $5,000
  • Return on investment: monthly interest 
  • Cash Drag- the length of time to hold investor funds without accruing interest:45-days which may be refunded on request
  • Length of term of loan range from 1 to 12 months, average expected loan term is 6-8 months
  • Fees 0% – 3% of the loan amount 

Fin Manage Debt

Debt Reduction = Wealth

Fin Business

The way I see it, If  You Want the Rainbow,
You Have Gotta put up with the Rain !
Dolly Parton
America Singer
Fin Business

Fin Business

Was Becoming Debt Free on Your To-Do-List?   
No Time like the Present!
Spring Clean Your Finances!
Surround yourself in an environment that suits your mood and inspires you.
ReThink. ReCycle. ReFresh. ReCharge.

Fin Business

Life action debt free steps – Considerations for a successful commitment to your debt diet

  1. Spend Less then you earn
  2. Unnecessary Spending– Stop spending money you don’t have – not spend if you can afford to buy it in cash
  3. Debt Free means that you must find alternatives rather than just piling on more debt, loans, leases
  4. Debt Reality – Awareness and Acknowledgement –  organize credit card statements student /car/business loans, mortgage payment, car rental lease with folders  to get an estimation in your mind of debt to be tackled in the coming months
  5. Track Debt deduction process – motivational tool to measure your success story
  6. Reminders for Payment due date either from your calendar at least a few days before or from the credit card companies to avoid late fees and negative impact on your credit score. Discuss with the companies if you need to change the due dates to help you pay them more conveniently according to your monthly money inflow.

Fin Business

  1. Paying down Debt is always a good idea especially when since the credit card interest rates are very high compared to what you would get from an investment in a high yield savings account or from unexpected short term returns in the stock market.
  2. With recurring monthly balances on credit cards, compounding interest payments, consider a balance transfer offers with 0% APR to give you an opportunity to catch up and maybe even a chance to invest.

Fin Business

Divide, Prioritize and Conquer

  1. Option goal 1: Avalanche Method Paying first toward the highest credit card interest rate so over long term you are paying less money toward the interest of past purchases on your credit card.
  2. Option goal 2: Snowball Method Paying first toward the lowest credit card balance to finish quickly in this way lowering overall debt becomes a realistic achievable motivational goal.
  3. Pay at least double the minimum monthly balance due towards the credit card bill (a chosen bill for a focused big payment) so that the amount of time to pay it off gets less and unnecessary monthly interest payments can go towards a more financial healthier goal.
  4. Automate bill paying whenever you can so that you can save time and avoid late payments.

Best Credit Monitoring Services

How to Protect Your Personal Data?

As important as it is to learn about the Best ways to Make Money, Save Money, Invest Money, it is equally, if not more important, to learn how to Protect your Personal Information and Hard-earned Assets.

And… how to handle the next steps, make a plan of action to help protect yourself from identity theft, phone scams, and fraud. Recovery Plan by FTC can help you to report, provide sample letters (to credit card companies, credit bureaus, debt collectors on debt you do not owe) and a checklist to guide you through recovery from identity theft.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website provide useful information to learn about recent scams, statistics, and how to recognize the warning signs.

  • Credit monitoring –  Regular review of credit reports for accuracy

  • Be Proactive about protecting your identity, privacy and credit

  • Shred Paperwork and expired credit cards which contain your personal, sensitive information, social security number and mailing address

Updated April 22, 2020

Three Major US Credit Bureaus

Fin Business

Debt tracking online tool

Equifax (partnered with David Bach) for  Debt using your credit report and automatically upload your debt information and create a personalized debt payment plan, calculate your debt freedom day and prioritize debt and estimate your savings on your” fast pay plan” and see how paying down debt impacts your credit score, ”Debt Stacking” calculator tools for additional payments toward quicker debt reduction.( Free trial offer offered), creates alert if you go off track from goal.

Check it here

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FTC Data Book 2020


Tax Deadline Extended to FILE and PAY Federal Income Taxes by July 15, 2020

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Internal Revenue Service Filing

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Resources for Expats Tax Filing